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What is FPV? | Tech Explanation From Your Favorite Pilot ðŸ™‚

Hello friends and strangers! Welcome to a basic introduction into what I do and what these machines are. From how I see to how each control aspect relates to what you’re hearing and seeing flying through the air 😀 Leave a comment if you have any questions or if you’d like me to include anything…

Dying Light | FPV Vlog 6/8/2022

We are learning how to exist beyond that which is tangible. I pray we endeavor safely and with wisdom, for darkness lurks and slippery are the slopes that lead to annihilation.

Two Wheeled Tomfoolery | FPV Vlog | May 22 2022

I’ve been meaning to get out and film some mountain biking footage for a while now, and the time finally came when all my gear was functional, and I had a homie to film. This is the 2nd attempt at getting together to film as the first time we got rained on before we got…

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