ComstockLogs | Two High – Moon Taxi | FPVMV 2/28/21

Was driving by my go-to flying spot when I noticed the environment was completely different. I guess a windstorm we had recently knocked a ton of trees down, so the city park service did some cleanup. I thought it would make for some really cool, ‘alternate-reality’ kind of video and I was not disappointed. Additionally, I finally installed my Full Size Crossfire system and was testing the range. I was thrilled with the latency improvements over the FrSky system, and I was able to go places with more confidence than I ever had before. While initial setup and installation was confusing at times, the upgrade is well worth the effort. Also it was my birthday, so, you know, had to rip some celebratory packs. 😉

While I AM sad about the loss of these obstacles, it is a good reminder of the temporary nature of life. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the park changes in the coming years, and hopefully creating enjoyable content for you guys.

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