AZVL0GFPVMV | Oceans Away (Sam Feldt Remix) | A R I Z O N A

With work and school being busy during my final quarter of my undergraduate program, it may take me a little longer than I had hoped to get out all the footage I have backed up (Az footy or otherwise). Hopefully this upload serves as a bookend for fun edits to come. Currently have 2 more in the works and a plan for at least another 5-6. Patience is a virtue, after all. 😉

This was a video transcript of how my first day of the 2021 Arizona trip. From arriving at the airport in the morning to exploring the natural area close to where I was staying, here’s an adventure from an amateurs perspective. Initially I had cuts in the video with vlog entries, but I decided this video was better as a stand-alone song. It’s more congruent with my other work and while I feel a little bad for wasting the deliberate opportunities I took to record and state my thoughts in places, it’s worth allowing the fl0w to occur that presents a much better viewing experience.

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