Mountains | Wish I Knew You | The Revivalists | AZFPVMV#2

Hiked a mountain. Nbd. 8)
Wanted to be able to fly to the top of one mountain from the other, but I didn’t have enough faith in my home-made 4200mAh 21700 Molicell P42A 45A li-Ion pack. I probably could have made it as the pack when I got back, after decreasing altitude had more than enough to compensate, but for sake of keeping my investment (the kwad & GoPro) I decided to turn back. I will need a bigger pack or to just try again if I want to summit Black Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. I plan on making a road trip down and stopping at some sights along the way later this summer. Hopefully that comes to fruition so I can create more awesome content like this for you guys 🙂

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