Painted Rocks | Holocene – Bon Iver | AZFPVMV #6

The long awaited Sedona Fl0w video is finally here. After an amazing experience in the warm state after not traveling in so long, the adventure came to conclusion in this beautiful place. This felt like the perfect playground for my 6″ as the mountains were tall but not enormous. I felt like I had plenty of power and just the right amount of cruising speed. I was initially going to fly from the church walkway, but I saw a sign that said “No Drones.” Instead I found a lil hiding spot away from people from which I could still fly. Especially when it comes to creative endeavors, it is ALWAYS more advantageous to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Nobody came and bothered me either so overall it was a win in my book.

I remember coming to this place when i was but a wee child, but due to the nature of human memory it’s more semantic than realized. Thankfully with this technology, just like all my previous and future productions, I am able to encapsulate a memory in a way that allows me to time travel back there as best as currently possible. Because this hobby could be argued to be the first instance of human consciousness transplantation, if only for short periods of time, I aspire to take that a step further through video. They really are windows through time, and with each adventure and footage collection activity I pursue, I try to make each one better than the last.

If at all possible, I HIGHLY recommend viewing this video in a Virtual Reality Headset space in a desktop view with a 180 degree wrapped window. Truly it feels like you’re floating…..

Unfortunately this is the only fpvmv from Sedona AZ, as my attempt at Devils Bridge ended in……. well let’s just say I forgot to hit record and Karen’s angry energy caused a pilot malfunction… lol

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