Rand0 L0t | inverness – Breathe | FPV Roo Vlog 6/20/2021

Spent an hour looking for a spot to fly when my kwad buddy says, ‘Hey come down the road to this empty lot.’ Upon arriving I was unsure of what he meant, but he showed me da wey and took me back to my early days of flying when any empty spot with trees and gaps was a gold mine for flippy floppies and content.

I love this hobby for more than just the kwads. It’s the community, the experiences, and the memories made along the way that create a video journal which can be looked back upon by anyone with an internet connection. Sharing my experiences with you, the viewer, and everyone I have conversed with has made me a better person and inspired me to want to continue in this direction. One day far in the future, when I am old and grey, and have a workshop wall lined with different builds, I can remember my humble beginnings in the now, and experience youth again even at my dying breath.

To you the viewer, and those who’ve helped me along the way, I say thank you and as always, enjoy and stay flying 🙂

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