July 4 2021 Family Trip | Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Lyrics) feat. Jess Glynne | PCOR21FPVMV

Finally got around to editing all the footage from my Oregon adventure. Plenty of content has already been made and is on the way, but for now I just wanted to get the main edit out.

This year was a different experience, and through flying these locations because I wanted to, and not because I felt compelled to show, illuminated a different side to my aesthetic focus. I feel it showed a more intuitive angle rather than what I may be societally conditioned to pursue in the name of ‘coolness.’ . Maybe there’s something to this splice, maybe not. Either way, please enjoy my childhood ‘vacation sp0t’ being overtaken by a mass populace. . This place ain’t what it used to be. But I can’t say it’s not going a positive direction, as I have found appreciation for some ‘changes.’

As always, Enjoy and stay flying 🙂

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