N3w V1ewz | Poison – Q o d ë s ft. ATHENA | Roo FPVMV

Y’all ever just throw together an edit and it just vibes? Yeah me to. ;]

It’s my favourite when I load up a playlist to view my flight footage from the day and one of the first songs that plays is the one you choose. The hardest part of editing this content is, arguably, finding the right songs to use. Now you may think any old song may do, but with fpv and this kind of content in general, it’s almost like an interpretive dance in the sky, where the kwad becomes the person moving through space and time to illicit emotional response. It may appear to just be recreational and fun and games, but over time I have slowly begun to develop a style, and I can see it beginning to blossom into what I always intended it to be.

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