Who are we?


“From the dawn of the age of the aeroplane, man has desired to fly without restraint.”

Through the technology of (F)irst (P)erson (V)iew, we are able to soar to lengths previously in ways only accessible through channels like full-size aircraft and dreams. We can combine a human-controlled wireless device with an arial-based long range video system and soar as though gravity was some made up concept only beholden to by those without wings.


The future of this movement is to provide an experience involving 360 degree videography, ingested into virtual reality environments for individuals to experience a view outside the limits of human perception. Combined with already-existing evidence-based treatments, it is theorized that this environment has the potential to have an enormous effect on the ability for a person to make willing and noticeable change.

Utilizing the combined knowledge of our pilots with specialties in disciplines including cli-based coding and materials processing, this technology truly may be the first instance of real-time human consciousness transplantation through the technological capabilities.


From smooth cinematic productions unmatched by any standard DSLR photography platform, to soaring perspectives of movie-worthy footage, the medium of experience transmission provided by this platform will create interest in new ways never before seen in therapy markets.

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