Who are we?

This is the last place you’ll need to look to find a view second to none.

From the dawn of the age of the aeroplane, man has desired to fly without restraint. Through the technology of F(irst)P(erson)V(iew), we are able to soar to lengths previously deemed impossible.

The future of this movement is to provide an experience involving 360 degree videography, ingested into virtual reality environments for individuals to experience a view outside the limits of human perception. From cradle to grave we are limited to the meter-and-a-half high perspective of this environment, and our meaty limbs can only take us so high and so fast. Through the connectivity of RF, this technology truly may be the first instance of human consciousness transplantation.

From smooth video productions unmatched by any standard DSLR photography platform, to soaring perspectives of IMAX worthy footage, the medium of experience transmission provided will create interest in new ways never before seen in markets.

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