CallMeDave | LofinFly | AZFPVMV #4

Found a secret spot one morning as I was longboardin back from getting some morning coffee 😛 Literally when back to where I was staying, charged my gear, n came back before it got too busy :p Security was nice about it but I def couldn’t fly there again. Not that I suggest illogical flying,Continue reading “CallMeDave | LofinFly | AZFPVMV #4”

F1r5t R1p | HYDDE + Matan KG – Easy | AZFPVMV #3

All the juicy footy from the evening of the day I traveled down. Don’t ask why I didn’t get it out in the right order. What matters now is that it’s up and it S L A P S. Busted a gopro mount but content is coming that’ll show it doesn’t matter. If you ain’tContinue reading “F1r5t R1p | HYDDE + Matan KG – Easy | AZFPVMV #3”

Mountains | Wish I Knew You | The Revivalists | AZFPVMV#2

Hiked a mountain. Nbd. 8)Wanted to be able to fly to the top of one mountain from the other, but I didn’t have enough faith in my home-made 4200mAh 21700 Molicell P42A 45A li-Ion pack. I probably could have made it as the pack when I got back, after decreasing altitude had more than enoughContinue reading “Mountains | Wish I Knew You | The Revivalists | AZFPVMV#2”

AZVL0GFPVMV | Oceans Away (Sam Feldt Remix) | A R I Z O N A

With work and school being busy during my final quarter of my undergraduate program, it may take me a little longer than I had hoped to get out all the footage I have backed up (Az footy or otherwise). Hopefully this upload serves as a bookend for fun edits to come. Currently have 2 moreContinue reading “AZVL0GFPVMV | Oceans Away (Sam Feldt Remix) | A R I Z O N A”

Saturday Fun Fly | Real Good Feeling | Oh The Larceny | 03/20/21

Meeting new friends is always a blast. My favourite thing about this hobby is it brings together people from all walks of life. No matter our origins, we can share in a common activity and enjoy the experience together. Because there is so much division in todays culture, I make it my mission to partakeContinue reading “Saturday Fun Fly | Real Good Feeling | Oh The Larceny | 03/20/21”

ComstockLogs | Two High – Moon Taxi | FPVMV 2/28/21

Was driving by my go-to flying spot when I noticed the environment was completely different. I guess a windstorm we had recently knocked a ton of trees down, so the city park service did some cleanup. I thought it would make for some really cool, ‘alternate-reality’ kind of video and I was not disappointed. Additionally,Continue reading “ComstockLogs | Two High – Moon Taxi | FPVMV 2/28/21”