After doing the long range vid of the beach flight, I remembered I still had this video that I never got to when I was editing my Arizona content. So now here ya go! The view at the top was actually so gorgeous because I was expecting to see more mountain range, but was pleasantly surprised to see the other side of the entire landscape. I want to go back to this place and actually walk the 3-5 miles up the trail to the peak and fly from there. Stuff to look forward to I guess :p Anyways, I did some better color editing this time around and I think it turned out nice. :]
Here’s another one of those, I was flying I thought ‘yeah this is gonna be an LR vid.’ lol
Added a fun Mario Kart-y vibe just to bookend it. I would have added more but available greenscreens for the price of free.99 were limited. hah Either way, I still love this build. As I fly more missions like this with it, I increase my faith in the technology and have confidence to push further and further each time. Additionally, I think I’m going to do a comparison video of the beach from this year and last year so I can see how many more people were around. Being on the ground it certainly FELT like more people were there. It wouldn’t surprise me.
Had some time to fly the beach side of Bob Straub park in Pacific City, Oregon. I love the division between housing and the coast that the beach grass hill provides. Really gives me Star Wars pod-racing vibes. πŸ˜›
I also really loved the angles I got from climbing so high. It really makes me want to go higher in future flights. Who knows, maybe a cloud surfing adventure is in the works
Finally got around to editing all the footage from my Oregon adventure. Plenty of content has already been made and is on the way, but for now I just wanted to get the main edit out.
This year was a different experience, and through flying these locations because I wanted to, and not because I felt compelled to show, illuminated a different side to my aesthetic focus. I feel it showed a more intuitive angle rather than what I may be societally conditioned to pursue in the name of ‘coolness.’
Maybe there’s something to this splice, maybe not. Either way, please enjoy my childhood ‘vacation sp0t’ being overtaken by a mass populace. . This place ain’t what it used to be. But I can’t say it’s not going a positive direction, as I have found appreciation for some ‘changes.’
As always, Enjoy and stay flying πŸ™‚
Spent an hour looking for a spot to fly when my kwad buddy says, ‘Hey come down the road to this empty lot.’ Upon arriving I was unsure of what he meant, but he showed me da wey and took me back to my early days of flying when any empty spot with trees and gaps was a gold mine for flippy floppies and content.
I love this hobby for more than just the kwads. It’s the community, the experiences, and the memories made along the way that create a video journal which can be looked back upon by anyone with an internet connection. Sharing my experiences with you, the viewer, and everyone I have conversed with has made me a better person and inspired me to want to continue in this direction. One day far in the future, when I am old and grey, and have a workshop wall lined with different builds, I can remember my humble beginnings in the now, and experience youth again even at my dying breath.
To you the viewer, and those who’ve helped me along the way, I say thank you and as always, enjoy and stay flying πŸ™‚
Lil park fly with jeffpv with some flowy rippage. Didn’t have much footage from this place as we’re a cursed duo in that every time we try and fly together, one or both of us breaks something critical at towards the beginning of session and have had to call it quits. In this case, my goggle batteries died as I had just come from flying the session shown in my previous video :p
Regardless of the curse, I tried to rip as hard as possible so as to get the most out of what little flight time I had available to me. I think I succeeded, how about you? ;]
Finally getting around to processing all the footage on my hard drive that’s not from Arizona. Don’t worry, I still have a few more vids coming from there, but I wanted to start putting out my adventures I’ve been having since then :p
Went out to a rando park in the valley with a new pilot friend before I left for AZ, and didn’t get a chance to edit it before I left, so you get it now :p Had a fun time making sure all my gear was functional and just doing the ol flippy floppies πŸ™‚ Lot’s of fun chasing as well; tried to make that the narrative for this one.
Another fun lil edit that compiles still-unseen footage from both locations I traveled to while in Arizona. A lil different than my last two videos but hey, who said I had to have a consistent style? This one was more of a jam, so enjoy the high energy :p
Here’s the standalone edit of my flight off the balcony of the hotel room we stayed at while in Sedona. Orchards Inn is like, center-city in Sedona, and my brother said ‘there’s no way you can fly to those mountains,’ so I had to do it to em. Compiled in this video are both flights I took. The first was with a ZeeBat 2200mAh LiPo, and the 2nd was with my homemade 21700 4s Li-Ion pack. Was surprised how quickly I could get out to the rocks, and enjoyed the sunset cruise.
The long awaited Sedona Fl0w video is finally here. After an amazing experience in the warm state after not traveling in so long, the adventure came to conclusion in this beautiful place. This felt like the perfect playground for my 6″ as the mountains were tall but not enormous. I felt like I had plenty of power and just the right amount of cruising speed. I was initially going to fly from the church walkway, but I saw a sign that said “No Drones.” Instead I found a lil hiding spot away from people from which I could still fly. Especially when it comes to creative endeavors, it is ALWAYS more advantageous to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Nobody came and bothered me either so overall it was a win in my book.
I remember coming to this place when i was but a wee child, but due to the nature of human memory it’s more semantic than realized. Thankfully with this technology, just like all my previous and future productions, I am able to encapsulate a memory in a way that allows me to time travel back there as best as currently possible. Because this hobby could be argued to be the first instance of human consciousness transplantation, if only for short periods of time, I aspire to take that a step further through video. They really are windows through time, and with each adventure and footage collection activity I pursue, I try to make each one better than the last.
If at all possible, I HIGHLY recommend viewing this video in a Virtual Reality Headset space in a desktop view with a 180 degree wrapped window. Truly it feels like you’re floating…..
Unfortunately this is the only fpvmv from Sedona AZ, as my attempt at Devils Bridge ended in……. well let’s just say I forgot to hit record and Karen’s angry energy caused a pilot malfunction… lol
Yes yes, I know. Cliche song for a cliche montage of cliche dives. I’m over it πŸ˜›
Anyways, this was an adventure the whole way around. Driving there it seemed like we were never gonna get there because it was just miles and miles of dirt road, and once we DID get to the trail-head, it was a steep hike up switchbacks and some off-trail adventuring to get to this spot. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it seems, as it was still morning and by the time we left it was like 70-75F degrees, so I didn’t get as grilled as I thought I would have, which was nice… Driving home was a whole other fiasco because we took a wrong turn and ended up on a 4×4 access road in a Nissan Altima Sedan…. REGARDLESS!!! I am so proud of how this build handled these flights, and am SO excited to see what the future brings with this setup. While I still plan on building a 7″ cruiser, I think this 6″ build can handle more than I give it credit for.
Quartz Peak, you were a phenomenal test of my wits, and I hope to see you again soon πŸ˜‰
I figured I’d try my hand at making one of these long flight format style videos using OSD overlayed on the GoPro footy so the viewer can understand what I’m seeing and how I’m able to understand what’s going through my head in the moment.
Found a secret spot one morning as I was longboardin back from getting some morning coffee πŸ˜› Literally when back to where I was staying, charged my gear, n came back before it got too busy :p
Security was nice about it but I def couldn’t fly there again. Not that I suggest illogical flying, but when using reasonable discretion it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. If people are kind about it you can be like “Look at the cool thing I made.” Worst case scenario it’s “I apologize, I was just leaving :)” (Also you have no legal obligation to show anyone your Identification if you are on public property c: (My excuse was that I was from out of town ;] )
All the juicy footy from the evening of the day I traveled down. Don’t ask why I didn’t get it out in the right order. What matters now is that it’s up and it S L A P S. Busted a gopro mount but content is coming that’ll show it doesn’t matter. If you ain’t crashing, you ain’t flying. Tried not to hold back in AZ and this edit is proof that I still sometimes outfly my abilities xD
Lil Demo for family at their oasis abode πŸ™‚
Also doubles as a tech demo for what’s possible using my current setup. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or projects you might have so I can further explore the possibilities that are available in this hobby :
Hiked a mountain.
Nbd. 8)
With work and school being busy during my final quarter of my undergraduate program, it may take me a little longer than I had hoped to get out all the footage I have backed up (Az footy or otherwise). Hopefully this upload serves as a bookend for fun edits to come. Currently have 2 more in the works and a plan for at least another 5-6. Patience is a virtue, after all. πŸ˜‰
This was a video transcript of how my first day of the 2021 Arizona trip. From arriving at the airport in the morning to exploring the natural area close to where I was staying, here’s an adventure from an amateurs perspective. Initially I had cuts in the video with vlog entries, but I decided this video was better as a stand-alone song. It’s more congruent with my other work and while I feel a little bad for wasting the deliberate opportunities I took to record and state my thoughts in places, it’s worth allowing the fl0w to occur that presents a much better viewing experience.
Meeting new friends is always a blast. My favourite thing about this hobby is it brings together people from all walks of life. No matter our origins, we can share in a common activity and enjoy the experience together. Because there is so much division in todays culture, I make it my mission to partake in, and facilitate the happening of community activities.
It’s also a joy getting out on a sunny day and ripping some packs just for the heck of it. On another note, it literally started pouring rain as soon as we finished our last LiPo’s, so timing was perfect πŸ™‚
Finally I have my long range build constructed. It has been a few years in the making, between planning and acquisition of parts, and I am proud to present a (mostly) flawless system. Had a few speed bumps and learning situations but all in all, it works as intended and is ready to be sent to the m0on! πŸ˜€
Was driving by my go-to flying spot when I noticed the environment was completely different. I guess a windstorm we had recently knocked a ton of trees down, so the city park service did some cleanup. I thought it would make for some really cool, ‘alternate-reality’ kind of video and I was not disappointed. Additionally, I finally installed my Full Size Crossfire system and was testing the range. I was thrilled with the latency improvements over the FrSky system, and I was able to go places with more confidence than I ever had before. While initial setup and installation was confusing at times, the upgrade is well worth the effort. Also it was my birthday, so, you know, had to rip some celebratory packs. πŸ˜‰
While I AM sad about the loss of these obstacles, it is a good reminder of the temporary nature of life. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the park changes in the coming years, and hopefully creating enjoyable content for you guys.
Had some clips that wouldn’t fit into any video I’ve made recently, so I decided on a compilation of what I’ve got that makes me laugh.
What is flying FPV like? Look no further than this video! ;D
Out for some final season shenanagains with Schwifty Flights. Trying to get one more edit in before the snow flies. Had many fun, lots of flippy floppies, some chasing and spins, and even an attempt at a large scale matty flip. I’ll let you watch the video to find out what happened πŸ˜‰
An attempt at breaking a barrier that is one long clip. Sometimes I see pilots use the trick of cutting and splicing clips for transitions, myself being one of them. But I figured I’d do something a little different (like anything I do is consistent lol) and use footy I had that was collecting dust to make something cool after I heard this song. . It started out way simpler, I SWEAR..
I just got left alone and well, ya too many cuts turned into not enough and now we’re here.
Went to a primo spot with mr Schwifty Flights and got there right in time for golden hour shooting. I’ve driven past this building for years always wanting to fly the awesome glass wall, but it’s usually full of cars on the weekdays. Made a point to go out on a weekend and it certainly paid off. This is one of my favourite spots I’ve ever flown, and I will likely return. More content still to come, as always. πŸ˜‰
Y’all asked and I was curious so here’s a review/expo of what MY Ethix gear is….
Yes I know most of it isn’t Ethix branded, however It’s the motto I support so. Goin with the fl0w…ya know..? πŸ™‚
Edm meets FPV. Hopefully this video pulls energy out of you in a way similar to a few of my most recent uploads. More old footage spliced with some savvy editing and jams. Got jiggy with the flippy floppies and time warp, tryna really push the ‘interpretive dance in the sky’ vibe that I so often convey.
Always trying to improve my content so if anyone has ideas or suggestions, leave a comment and let me know! πŸ˜€
@LSDream if you see this, what’s good??? ;D
Got some new motors from BrotherHobby. The ‘Chaos 2207.5 -3400kv’ psychedelic color scheme. After flying a few packs I quickly noticed I was sucking voltage like no other, so I guess this set is out for this build… Will have to find something better suited for this class…
Anyways, still flew enough to capture some slicc shots at a place I haven’t flown since the 3rd or 4th time I ever went out when I first got in the hobby 3+ years ago.
My awesome flying buddy also decided the perch was for his quad only. An fpv ‘king-of-the-hill’ event subsequently ensued, resulting in the same broken arm as was snapped prior to this flight sesh :p
Are you adhering to the ultimate form of your self? Are you following goals you set when you were younger, but have since lost to time and activities of the now? Do you need to be reminded of your origins and abilities?
Any obstacle can be overcome with enough will-power and materials. Understand you must fall to succeed, so fail mightily, stand back up, and keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop.
A demo of my flying ability that’s up-to-date. Been a while since I’ve edited something to show my improvement as a pilot, and this outing more than provided opportunity for me to string some good clips together. Still working on smoothing up trippy spins but overall I’m just missing the ‘Matty flips’ to top it off. The future can only bring improvement so here’s to the next year honing down my craft πŸ˜‰
Went out with the little bro to get some cool shots of him on his powered longboard. Ended up having a phenomenal first pack and a half, so enjoy the combo that was an initial song-viewing match made by universal synchronicity.
Was chillin at SchwiftyFlights apartment and he was braggin about posting an edit before I did, so I took it upon myself to knock out a fresh vid after doing the raised gimball for my Taranis Qx7. I would recommend it if you’re a pinch flyer as it is a night and day difference πŸ˜€ . Using the freshly built backup quad already as my main rig broke an arm after being Sparta kicked by Casey (SchwiftyFlights) from a 100′ perch onto dirt. Video coming soon….
Had a battery still on the bench from when I went flying that didn’t get brought with, so he provided a lovely morning session πŸ™‚ The vignette seen occasionally when looking at the sun is a reflection on the inside of an ND (Neutral Density) filter I recently purchased to hopefully decrease the dark-to-light shift that happens when flying from shadow to sunlight and visa-versa. I’m still trying to improve what video quality I can, and hopefully implement some fixes in the near future. Hopefully the eye of Ra isn’t too jarring and one can enjoy the meditative stroll around my home base πŸ™‚
Gave a go at trying to re-create a Mr. Steele video with a one-take cinewhoop shot…
Yes, I know it’s not really one shot, but my parents house is such a funky shape this was the best path I could
take to encompass all the important parts of the house. . Perhaps next time there could be a faster line,
and maybe the location could be different.
Hoping to have future opportunities to film in locations to further expand a professional-esque portfolio.
Decided to do a different video this time. Doing a test edit with this setup as well as testing the cinewhoop made and tuned by Jacks 3D printing. Props to his business for providing quality gear and an amazing flying quad.
The final edit of the beach trip. Wrapping up all the fun shots I got and cool angles yet unshown until this video. Got all the plugs and connections, people filmed and cool angles shown. Enjoy this collection of all the neat spots and lines that just didn’t really fit into the first fl0w I made with this footage. This aims to be a little more light-hearted, breaking up the seriousness of things going on.
Wanted to have another go at doing some lap improvement and have something to show for it, but the universal vibes caught up with me. After having such immaculate luck in Oregon and not losing a single dollar of my investment, karma decided to swing the pendulum the other way and send me back to the garage after minimal excursion. So, while broken gear is no fun, overall I am not at all complaining.
Came out to film an epic spot and whelp here’s as spooky as I could find. Pretty much a one and done if I crash, so I was pleased to not have. Glad I got the adrenaline rush of the epicness but I didn’t quite get the lines I was hoping for. I decided to make a one-pack edit just for the heck of it and if you watch the stick cam, you can see how nervous i was by the trembling in my hands. Anyways, I was psyched when it all went well because I enjoy making these kinds of videos. Maybe that’s why all fpv vl0gs tend to look so similar…. πŸ˜‰
Took a trip down to the city I went to growing up almost annually. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve been here, and I was supposed to go last year but there was the cat incident. Figured i’d better bring the machine that’ll let me feel like a seagull for a few moments, and capture footage I had in my mind since thinking about the trips potential. It was nice to see family again and to be able to see a familiar coastline from a drastically different perspective. Tried my hand at sound engineering this time, and in my opinion it’s either just what the video needs, or too much. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not so I left the sounds in. Hopefully it doesn’t distract too much from arguably the coolest video I’ve made to date πŸ™‚
Footage from before my Oregon trip I meant to edit and push before I left, but didn’t have the time. Hopefully the tardiness isn’t too hated as it was a fun little demo for the neighborhood folks during a sunny evening on the lower south hill. Wanted to make sure all the recording gear was functional before I left, so I made this quick edit. I KNOW the stick cam sucked, I watched the clip immediately after recording and have adjusted the framing in future videos.
Another sunny day in Spokane, ripping at a park I haven’t before, with some mates whom I haven’t seen since lock-down began. Tried to be as YT vl0ggy as possible while still retaining some fl0w. Got stuck in a tree, did a matty-flip and trippy spin, and squeezed through a gap smaller than my tolerance for good fpv footy. Hopefully this brings you some relief in these crazy trying times… xD
Old footage just now being processed of my first time out during lockdown… Was nice to be able to sit in the sun for one of the first times this season and avoid breaking stuff. Love the way this GoPro keeps on showing its legs with some real HD footage.
Usually come to this park to disc golf but I decided to bring the kwad this time. There’s this kind cool grassy area adjacent to the course and it’s really vertical so I figured I’d share with YT. Have flown here before but it’s nice to have the GoPro HD footy πŸ˜€
The third and final installment of withheld footage from the archive. Hopefully I can go out and get more HD footage at places i’d only had SD. πŸ˜‰
Getting back in the saddle to do an expose and 2-part video of how brain activity affects ones ability to let the moves flow through and connect lines into aesthetically pleasing, and flying fulfilling sessions. I’ve noticed a difference in the ability the brain has to transfer intention into physical representation, and through my content I hope to expose the brief moments where everything falls into place and seemingly you are a passenger in your own body; witnessing the true capability of human cognition, if only for a little while.
Makin an attempt at a Steele/VikFPV style video cuz it’s a neat idea to try and convey what it’s like to fly fpv to someone not in the hobby… Also my skills as a YouTube let’s play commentator came in real handy πŸ˜‰ Let me know what you think! πŸ˜€
After 2 years in the hobby I have finally accomplished creating the first instance of what I hope to become something more relavent in the hobby. I have been wanting to create this long before I flew and I can proudly say it is up on my YT. For my late high school cross country coach. You were everything a runner needed to stay motivated, even on his last mile. The final push is always the hardest but in typical Feryn fashion you finished stronger than any of us thought you capable of. May you lead every race you run in the future and I’ll see you in the next chapter. . Joe Feryn; The man who taught to run for the sake of the health of the soul.. Please take a minute out of your day to enjoy what I consider a meditative walk through my local arboretum.

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