What is FPV? | Tech Explanation From Your Favorite Pilot :)

Hello friends and strangers!

Welcome to a basic introduction into what I do and what these machines are. From how I see to how each control aspect relates to what you’re hearing and seeing flying through the air šŸ˜€

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Cheers, and as always stay flying šŸ˜€

Two Wheeled Tomfoolery | FPV Vlog | May 22 2022

I’ve been meaning to get out and film some mountain biking footage for a while now, and the time finally came when all my gear was functional, and I had a homie to film. This is the 2nd attempt at getting together to film as the first time we got rained on before we got out haha

At the time I thought I had done a pretty good job of filming, and that the fpv feed didn’t show all of what was captured with the GoPro. Turns out after reviewing footage I have some skills to brush up on. Good. I like challenges šŸ˜€

Rowdy House | I’m an Albatraoz | AronChupa | FPVMV 2022

Well yet again an amigo got me out and about to rip packs. Things in the world are crazy right now so having this little window of peace was great for me. Plus I had a lil bit of flippy floppy fun and I thought I’d share.

We were the only ones on campus, and even the security guard was like, “whooaa that’s awesome dude. Freakin space technology.”

FPV Drone Flies Mario Kart Track IRL!!! | FPV Augmented Reality ExposĆ©

A man and his drone find a park where a mario circuit has appeared! A time trial awaits. Can he best the course record???

After a few weekends spent going frame by frame, the overall project has come to completion. A lot of boundaries were pushed and lots of skills were acquired to accomplish feats previously deemed too difficult. Hopefully watching this combination of a technologically astounding technology with childhood nostalgia was as fun as it was to make.

N3w V1ewz | Poison – Q o d Ć« s ft. ATHENA | Roo FPVMV

Y’all ever just throw together an edit and it just vibes? Yeah me to. ;]

It’s my favourite when I load up a playlist to view my flight footage from the day and one of the first songs that plays is the one you choose. The hardest part of editing this content is, arguably, finding the right songs to use. Now you may think any old song may do, but with fpv and this kind of content in general, it’s almost like an interpretive dance in the sky, where the kwad becomes the person moving through space and time to illicit emotional response. It may appear to just be recreational and fun and games, but over time I have slowly begun to develop a style, and I can see it beginning to blossom into what I always intended it to be.

Quartz Mtn RAW | Anri – Remember Summer Days | AZFPVMV

After doing the long range vid of the beach flight, I remembered I still had this video that I never got to when I was editing my Arizona content. So now here ya go! The view at the top was actually so gorgeous because I was expecting to see more mountain range, but was pleasantly surprised to see the other side of the entire landscape. I want to go back to this place and actually walk the 3-5 miles up the trail to the peak and fly from there. Stuff to look forward to I guess :p Anyways, I did some better color editing this time around and I think it turned out nice. :]

PCOR21LR One-Pack | Reiko Takahashi – ć‚µćƒ³ć‚»ćƒƒćƒˆćƒ»ćƒ­ćƒ¼ćƒ‰ | PCOR21FPVMV #4

Here’s another one of those, I was flying I thought ‘yeah this is gonna be an LR vid.’ lol

Added a fun Mario Kart-y vibe just to bookend it. I would have added more but available greenscreens for the price of free.99 were limited. hah Either way, I still love this build. As I fly more missions like this with it, I increase my faith in the technology and have confidence to push further and further each time. Additionally, I think I’m going to do a comparison video of the beach from this year and last year so I can see how many more people were around. Being on the ground it certainly FELT like more people were there. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Beach Pilot | Lemaitre – Rocket Girl (Audio) ft. Betty Who | PCOR21FPVMV #2

Had some time to fly the beach side of Bob Straub park in Pacific City, Oregon. I love the division between housing and the coast that the beach grass hill provides. Really gives me Star Wars pod-racing vibes. šŸ˜›

I also really loved the angles I got from climbing so high. It really makes me want to go higher in future flights. Who knows, maybe a cloud surfing adventure is in the works