July 4 2021 Family Trip | Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Lyrics) feat. Jess Glynne | PCOR21FPVMV

Finally got around to editing all the footage from my Oregon adventure. Plenty of content has already been made and is on the way, but for now I just wanted to get the main edit out.

This year was a different experience, and through flying these locations because I wanted to, and not because I felt compelled to show, illuminated a different side to my aesthetic focus. I feel it showed a more intuitive angle rather than what I may be societally conditioned to pursue in the name of ‘coolness.’ . Maybe there’s something to this splice, maybe not. Either way, please enjoy my childhood ‘vacation sp0t’ being overtaken by a mass populace. . This place ain’t what it used to be. But I can’t say it’s not going a positive direction, as I have found appreciation for some ‘changes.’

As always, Enjoy and stay flying 🙂

Rand0 L0t | inverness – Breathe | FPV Roo Vlog 6/20/2021

Spent an hour looking for a spot to fly when my kwad buddy says, ‘Hey come down the road to this empty lot.’ Upon arriving I was unsure of what he meant, but he showed me da wey and took me back to my early days of flying when any empty spot with trees and gaps was a gold mine for flippy floppies and content.

I love this hobby for more than just the kwads. It’s the community, the experiences, and the memories made along the way that create a video journal which can be looked back upon by anyone with an internet connection. Sharing my experiences with you, the viewer, and everyone I have conversed with has made me a better person and inspired me to want to continue in this direction. One day far in the future, when I am old and grey, and have a workshop wall lined with different builds, I can remember my humble beginnings in the now, and experience youth again even at my dying breath.

To you the viewer, and those who’ve helped me along the way, I say thank you and as always, enjoy and stay flying 🙂

Kwad City | KISS – Detroit Rock City

Lil park fly with jeffpv with some flowy rippage. Didn’t have much footage from this place as we’re a cursed duo in that every time we try and fly together, one or both of us breaks something critical at towards the beginning of session and have had to call it quits. In this case, my goggle batteries died as I had just come from flying the session shown in my previous video :p

Regardless of the curse, I tried to rip as hard as possible so as to get the most out of what little flight time I had available to me. I think I succeeded, how about you? ;]

Sunday Funday | Montana Tucker – Sunday Funday | FPVMV

Finally getting around to processing all the footage on my hard drive that’s not from Arizona. Don’t worry, I still have a few more vids coming from there, but I wanted to start putting out my adventures I’ve been having since then :p

Went out to a rando park in the valley with a new pilot friend before I left for AZ, and didn’t get a chance to edit it before I left, so you get it now :p Had a fun time making sure all my gear was functional and just doing the ol flippy floppies 🙂 Lot’s of fun chasing as well; tried to make that the narrative for this one.

Orchards Inn Balcony Rip | Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream | AZFPVMV #7

Here’s the standalone edit of my flight off the balcony of the hotel room we stayed at while in Sedona. Orchards Inn is like, center-city in Sedona, and my brother said ‘there’s no way you can fly to those mountains,’ so I had to do it to ’em. Compiled in this video are both flights I took. The first was with a ZeeBat 2200mAh LiPo, and the 2nd was with my homemade 21700 4s Li-Ion pack. Was surprised how quickly I could get out to the rocks, and enjoyed the sunset cruise.

Painted Rocks | Holocene – Bon Iver | AZFPVMV #6

The long awaited Sedona Fl0w video is finally here. After an amazing experience in the warm state after not traveling in so long, the adventure came to conclusion in this beautiful place. This felt like the perfect playground for my 6″ as the mountains were tall but not enormous. I felt like I had plenty of power and just the right amount of cruising speed. I was initially going to fly from the church walkway, but I saw a sign that said “No Drones.” Instead I found a lil hiding spot away from people from which I could still fly. Especially when it comes to creative endeavors, it is ALWAYS more advantageous to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Nobody came and bothered me either so overall it was a win in my book.

I remember coming to this place when i was but a wee child, but due to the nature of human memory it’s more semantic than realized. Thankfully with this technology, just like all my previous and future productions, I am able to encapsulate a memory in a way that allows me to time travel back there as best as currently possible. Because this hobby could be argued to be the first instance of human consciousness transplantation, if only for short periods of time, I aspire to take that a step further through video. They really are windows through time, and with each adventure and footage collection activity I pursue, I try to make each one better than the last.

If at all possible, I HIGHLY recommend viewing this video in a Virtual Reality Headset space in a desktop view with a 180 degree wrapped window. Truly it feels like you’re floating…..

Unfortunately this is the only fpvmv from Sedona AZ, as my attempt at Devils Bridge ended in……. well let’s just say I forgot to hit record and Karen’s angry energy caused a pilot malfunction… lol

F4R | Linkin Park – In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix) | Quartz Peak AZFPVMV #5

Yes yes, I know. Cliche song for a cliche montage of cliche dives. I’m over it 😛

Anyways, this was an adventure the whole way around. Driving there it seemed like we were never gonna get there because it was just miles and miles of dirt road, and once we DID get to the trail-head, it was a steep hike up switchbacks and some off-trail adventuring to get to this spot. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it seems, as it was still morning and by the time we left it was like 70-75F degrees, so I didn’t get as grilled as I thought I would have, which was nice… Driving home was a whole other fiasco because we took a wrong turn and ended up on a 4×4 access road in a Nissan Altima Sedan…. REGARDLESS!!! I am so proud of how this build handled these flights, and am SO excited to see what the future brings with this setup. While I still plan on building a 7″ cruiser, I think this 6″ build can handle more than I give it credit for.

Quartz Peak, you were a phenomenal test of my wits, and I hope to see you again soon 😉