CallMeDave | LofinFly | AZFPVMV #4

Found a secret spot one morning as I was longboardin back from getting some morning coffee 😛 Literally when back to where I was staying, charged my gear, n came back before it got too busy :p

Security was nice about it but I def couldn’t fly there again. Not that I suggest illogical flying, but when using reasonable discretion it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. If people are kind about it you can be like “Look at the cool thing I made.” Worst case scenario it’s “I apologize, I was just leaving :)” (Also you have no legal obligation to show anyone your Identification if you are on public property c: (My excuse was that I was from out of town ;] )

F1r5t R1p | HYDDE + Matan KG – Easy | AZFPVMV #3

All the juicy footy from the evening of the day I traveled down. Don’t ask why I didn’t get it out in the right order. What matters now is that it’s up and it S L A P S. Busted a gopro mount but content is coming that’ll show it doesn’t matter. If you ain’t crashing, you ain’t flying. Tried not to hold back in AZ and this edit is proof that I still sometimes outfly my abilities xD

Mountains | Wish I Knew You | The Revivalists | AZFPVMV#2

Hiked a mountain. Nbd. 8)
Wanted to be able to fly to the top of one mountain from the other, but I didn’t have enough faith in my home-made 4200mAh 21700 Molicell P42A 45A li-Ion pack. I probably could have made it as the pack when I got back, after decreasing altitude had more than enough to compensate, but for sake of keeping my investment (the kwad & GoPro) I decided to turn back. I will need a bigger pack or to just try again if I want to summit Black Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. I plan on making a road trip down and stopping at some sights along the way later this summer. Hopefully that comes to fruition so I can create more awesome content like this for you guys 🙂

AZVL0GFPVMV | Oceans Away (Sam Feldt Remix) | A R I Z O N A

With work and school being busy during my final quarter of my undergraduate program, it may take me a little longer than I had hoped to get out all the footage I have backed up (Az footy or otherwise). Hopefully this upload serves as a bookend for fun edits to come. Currently have 2 more in the works and a plan for at least another 5-6. Patience is a virtue, after all. 😉

This was a video transcript of how my first day of the 2021 Arizona trip. From arriving at the airport in the morning to exploring the natural area close to where I was staying, here’s an adventure from an amateurs perspective. Initially I had cuts in the video with vlog entries, but I decided this video was better as a stand-alone song. It’s more congruent with my other work and while I feel a little bad for wasting the deliberate opportunities I took to record and state my thoughts in places, it’s worth allowing the fl0w to occur that presents a much better viewing experience.

Saturday Fun Fly | Real Good Feeling | Oh The Larceny | 03/20/21

Meeting new friends is always a blast. My favourite thing about this hobby is it brings together people from all walks of life. No matter our origins, we can share in a common activity and enjoy the experience together. Because there is so much division in todays culture, I make it my mission to partake in, and facilitate the happening of community activities.

It’s also a joy getting out on a sunny day and ripping some packs just for the heck of it. On another note, it literally started pouring rain as soon as we finished our last LiPo’s, so timing was perfect 🙂


Finally I have my long range build constructed. It has been a few years in the making, between planning and acquisition of parts, and I am proud to present a (mostly) flawless system. Had a few speed bumps and learning situations but all in all, it works as intended and is ready to be sent to the m0on! 😀

ComstockLogs | Two High – Moon Taxi | FPVMV 2/28/21

Was driving by my go-to flying spot when I noticed the environment was completely different. I guess a windstorm we had recently knocked a ton of trees down, so the city park service did some cleanup. I thought it would make for some really cool, ‘alternate-reality’ kind of video and I was not disappointed. Additionally, I finally installed my Full Size Crossfire system and was testing the range. I was thrilled with the latency improvements over the FrSky system, and I was able to go places with more confidence than I ever had before. While initial setup and installation was confusing at times, the upgrade is well worth the effort. Also it was my birthday, so, you know, had to rip some celebratory packs. 😉

While I AM sad about the loss of these obstacles, it is a good reminder of the temporary nature of life. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the park changes in the coming years, and hopefully creating enjoyable content for you guys.