Morning B0p | REI AMI – Thrift Store Sweater | September 4 Vl0g

Had a battery still on the bench from when I went flying that didn’t get brought with, so he provided a lovely morning session 🙂 The vingette seen occasionally when looking at the sun is a reflection on the inside of an ND (Neutral Density) filter I recently purchased to hopefully decrease the dark-to-light shift that happens when flying from shadow to sunlight and visa-versa. I’m still trying to improve what video quality I can, and hopefully implement some fixes in the near future. Hopefully the eye of Ra isn’t too jarring and one can enjoy the meditative stroll around my home base 🙂

Videographe | Attempt #1 at Z3R0-Cam |

Gave a go at trying to re-create other videos made by better known pilots with a one-take cinewhoop shot…

Yes, I know it’s not really one shot, but my parents house is such a funky shape this was the best path I could take to encompass all the important parts of the house…

Perhaps next time there could be a faster line, and maybe the location could be different. Hoping to have future opportunities to film in locations to further expand a professional-esque portfolio.

Testing Waters | Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Fantasy (Felix Jaehn Remix) | 7-26

The final edit of the beach trip. Wrapping up all the fun shots I got and cool angles yet un-shown until this video. Got all the plugs and connections, people filmed and cool angles shown. Enjoy this collection of all the neat spots and lines that just didn’t really fit into the first fl0w I made with this footage. This aims to be a little more light-hearted, breaking up the seriousness of things going on.

Fa1l Vl0g | Drone Race #2 Attempt | July 18 | Buttercup – Jack Stauber

Wanted to have another go at doing some lap improvement and have something to show for it, but the universal vibes caught up with me. After having such immaculate luck in Oregon and not losing a single dollar of my investment, karma decided to swing the pendulum the other way and send me back to the garage after minimal excursion. So, while broken gear is no fun, overall I am not at all complaining.

Cliff Rip | Driver – Take Care | Vl0g 7/3 | Pacific City OR 2020

Came out to film an epic spot and whelp here’s as spooky as I could find. Pretty much a one and done if I crash, so I was pleased to not have. Glad I got the adrenaline rush of the epicness but I didn’t quite get the lines I was hoping for. I decided to make a one-pack edit just for the heck of it and if you watch the stick cam, you can see how nervous i was by the trembling in my hands. Anyways, I was psyched when it all went well because I enjoy making these kinds of videos. Maybe that’s why all fpv vl0gs tend to look so similar…. 😉

Ocean Sp0t | Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish | Pacific City OR | July 4 2020

Took a trip down to the city I went to growing up almost annually. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve been here, and I was supposed to go last year but there was the cat incident. Figured i’d better bring the machine that’ll let me feel like a seagull for a few moments, and capture footage I had in my mind since thinking about the trips potential. It was nice to see family again and to be able to see a familiar coastline from a drastically different perspective. Tried my hand at sound engineering this time, and in my opinion it’s either just what the video needs, or too much. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not so I left the sounds in. Hopefully it doesn’t distract too much from arguably the coolest video I’ve made to date 🙂

Streetside Demo | Pre-Beach Test Flight | Zodia¢ (Paper Boy) & Chubbster (Bushido Blues – Betatape)

Footage from before my Oregon trip I meant to edit and push before I left, but didn’t have the time. Hopefully the tardiness isn’t too hated as it was a fun little demo for the neighborhood folks during a sunny evening on the lower south hill. Wanted to make sure all the recording gear was functional before I left, so I made this quick edit. I KNOW the stick cam sucked, I watched the clip immediately after recording and have adjusted the framing in future videos.

Ben Franklin

Another sunny day in Spokane, ripping at a park I haven’t before, with some mates whom I haven’t seen since lock-down began. Tried to be as YT vl0ggy as possible while still retaining some fl0w. Got stuck in a tree, did a matty-flip and trippy spin, and squeezed through a gap smaller than my tolerance for good fpv footy. Hopefully this brings you some relief in these crazy trying times… xD