Flying vs Fl0wing

Getting back in the saddle to do an expose and 2-part video of how brain activity affects ones ability to let the moves flow through and connect lines into aesthetically pleasing, and flying fulfilling sessions. I’ve noticed a difference in the ability the brain has to transfer intention into physical representation, and through my content I hope to expose the brief moments where everything falls into place and seemingly you are a passenger in your own body; witnessing the true capability of human cognition, if only for a little while.

Beyond | An FPV Meditation | Zack Hemsey-I’ll Find A Way | Alan Watts

After 2 years in the hobby I have finally accomplished creating the first instance of what I hope to become something more relavent in the hobby. I have been wanting to create this long before I flew and I can proudly say it is up on my YT…

For my late high school cross country coach. You were everything a runner needed to stay motivated, even on his last mile. The final push is always the hardest but in typical Feryn fashion you finished stronger than any of us thought you capable of. May you lead every race you run in the future and I’ll see you in the next chapter.

Joe Feryn; The man who taught to run for the sake of the health of the soul.

Please take a minute out of your day to enjoy what I consider a meditative walk through my local arboretum.