Kwad City | KISS – Detroit Rock City

Lil park fly with jeffpv with some flowy rippage. Didn’t have much footage from this place as we’re a cursed duo in that every time we try and fly together, one or both of us breaks something critical at towards the beginning of session and have had to call it quits. In this case, myContinue reading “Kwad City | KISS – Detroit Rock City”

Sunday Funday | Montana Tucker – Sunday Funday | FPVMV

Finally getting around to processing all the footage on my hard drive that’s not from Arizona. Don’t worry, I still have a few more vids coming from there, but I wanted to start putting out my adventures I’ve been having since then :p Went out to a rando park in the valley with a newContinue reading “Sunday Funday | Montana Tucker – Sunday Funday | FPVMV”

Orchards Inn Balcony Rip | Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream | AZFPVMV #7

Here’s the standalone edit of my flight off the balcony of the hotel room we stayed at while in Sedona. Orchards Inn is like, center-city in Sedona, and my brother said ‘there’s no way you can fly to those mountains,’ so I had to do it to ’em. Compiled in this video are both flightsContinue reading “Orchards Inn Balcony Rip | Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream | AZFPVMV #7”

Painted Rocks | Holocene – Bon Iver | AZFPVMV #6

The long awaited Sedona Fl0w video is finally here. After an amazing experience in the warm state after not traveling in so long, the adventure came to conclusion in this beautiful place. This felt like the perfect playground for my 6″ as the mountains were tall but not enormous. I felt like I had plentyContinue reading “Painted Rocks | Holocene – Bon Iver | AZFPVMV #6”

F4R | Linkin Park – In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix) | Quartz Peak AZFPVMV #5

Yes yes, I know. Cliche song for a cliche montage of cliche dives. I’m over it 😛 Anyways, this was an adventure the whole way around. Driving there it seemed like we were never gonna get there because it was just miles and miles of dirt road, and once we DID get to the trail-head,Continue reading “F4R | Linkin Park – In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix) | Quartz Peak AZFPVMV #5”

CallMeDave | LofinFly | AZFPVMV #4

Found a secret spot one morning as I was longboardin back from getting some morning coffee 😛 Literally when back to where I was staying, charged my gear, n came back before it got too busy :p Security was nice about it but I def couldn’t fly there again. Not that I suggest illogical flying,Continue reading “CallMeDave | LofinFly | AZFPVMV #4”

F1r5t R1p | HYDDE + Matan KG – Easy | AZFPVMV #3

All the juicy footy from the evening of the day I traveled down. Don’t ask why I didn’t get it out in the right order. What matters now is that it’s up and it S L A P S. Busted a gopro mount but content is coming that’ll show it doesn’t matter. If you ain’tContinue reading “F1r5t R1p | HYDDE + Matan KG – Easy | AZFPVMV #3”