Time Travel | INZO – Overthinker

An attempt at breaking a barrier that is one long clip. Sometimes I see pilots use the trick of cutting and splicing clips for transitions, myself being one of them. But I figured I’d do something a little different (like anything I do is consistent lol) and use footy I had that was collecting dustContinue reading “Time Travel | INZO – Overthinker”

Golden Hour | Office Park Rip 10/11 | Hellberg – The Girl(feat Cozi Zuehlsdorff)(Color Source Remix)

Went to a primo spot with @SchwiftyFlights and got there right in time for golden hour shooting. I’ve driven past this building for years always wanting to fly the awesome glass wall, but it’s usually full of cars on the weekdays. Made a point to go out on a weekend and it certainly paid off.Continue reading “Golden Hour | Office Park Rip 10/11 | Hellberg – The Girl(feat Cozi Zuehlsdorff)(Color Source Remix)”

SmoknBridges | Confetti – Ghost | New Shoes Ep1

Got some new motors from BrotherHobby. The ‘Chaos 2207.5 -3400kv’ psychedelic color scheme. After flying a few packs I quickly noticed I was sucking voltage like no other, so I guess this set is out for this build… Will have to find something better suited for this class… . Anyways, still flew enough to captureContinue reading “SmoknBridges | Confetti – Ghost | New Shoes Ep1”

C0re M3m0ry | Timecop1983 – On the Run | Motivational Fpv Fl0w

Are you adhering to the ultimate form of your self? Are you following goals you set when you were younger, but have since lost to time and activities of the now? Do you need to be reminded of your origins and abilities? . Any obstacle can be overcome with enough will-power and materials. Understand youContinue reading “C0re M3m0ry | Timecop1983 – On the Run | Motivational Fpv Fl0w”

2020 Showcase | Vigiland – Friday Night | Skill Check August

A demo of my flying ability that’s up-to-date. Been a while since I’ve edited something to show my improvement as a pilot, and this outing more than provided opportunity for me to string some good clips together. Still working on smoothing up trippy spins but overall I’m just missing the ‘Matty flips’ to top itContinue reading “2020 Showcase | Vigiland – Friday Night | Skill Check August”

C0urtyardR4w | ‘Winter Nights’ – Mujo | Quick Vl0g 9/13

Was chillin at SchwiftyFlights apartment and he was braggin about posting an edit before I did, so I took it upon myself to knock out a fresh vid after doing the raised gimball for my Taranis Qx7. I would recommend it if you’re a pinch flyer as it is a night and day difference 😀Continue reading “C0urtyardR4w | ‘Winter Nights’ – Mujo | Quick Vl0g 9/13”

Morning B0p | REI AMI – Thrift Store Sweater | September 4 Vl0g

Had a battery still on the bench from when I went flying that didn’t get brought with, so he provided a lovely morning session 🙂 The vingette seen occasionally when looking at the sun is a reflection on the inside of an ND (Neutral Density) filter I recently purchased to hopefully decrease the dark-to-light shiftContinue reading “Morning B0p | REI AMI – Thrift Store Sweater | September 4 Vl0g”