SmoknBridges | Confetti – Ghost | New Shoes Ep1

Got some new motors from BrotherHobby. The ‘Chaos 2207.5 -3400kv’ psychedelic color scheme. After flying a few packs I quickly noticed I was sucking voltage like no other, so I guess this set is out for this build… Will have to find something better suited for this class…


Anyways, still flew enough to capture some slicc shots at a place I havn’t flown since the 3rd or 4th time I ever went out when I first got in the hobby 3+ years ago.


My awesome flying buddy also decided the perch was for his quad only. An fpv ‘king-of-the-hill’ event subsequently ensued, resulting in the same broken arm as was snapped prior to this flight sesh :p

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